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A MTV intern, me? Not in million years! But this January, my broadcast career path took a turn for the better, and I landed an internship at MTV Studios in New york City. MTV Networks have been the source for all things music on television since 1984, and now I was going to be a part of history. How can you land a big name internship, too? It’s easy! With a few careful steps, you too can be contributing to the brands that stand out on a resume. Know what you’re looking for Research the company before you apply. If history interests you, try the History Channel or A&E. Prefer music? Try VH1 or BET. Having an area of television interest helps you to narrow down your list. No one wants to be bored at their internship for an entire semester. Don’t limit yourself to applying for one network. There are two or more networks for each genre. Have a killer resume Studying communications gets your foot in the door but a well-rounded resume knocks it down. It’s OK if you don’t have any production work experience. List classes taken in media, and describe school activities and leadership roles. Club and organization involvement demonstrates commitment and team work. Don’t forget your cover letter The letter should cover why you want to work for the network and your top reasons why you’re a great candidate. First impression is everything Definitely leave a lasting first impression one. Before an interview, know the appropriate attire. MTV is a casual network but abides by tradition. It’s better to dress to impress when first meeting a company representative. Most companies want to see that you care about your appearance because it shows dedication. Know the network history How long has the network been established? What shows does it air? Who anchors what? Know the facts so you can tell them that you know the company. Bring a copy of your resume It’s always good to have a hard copy to show your interviewer that you are thinking ahead. Be positive Rahman Ali Bugg, producer of “Yo! MTV Raps” says, “Have a smile on your face. Remember we need you, being open and friendly always helps.” Make them remember you. Utilize this time to sell yourself. Remain confident and your skills will show through. Please and thank you Send a “thank you” card for the icing on the cake. A thank-you is always welcomed. Don’t just send an E-mail-go for the handwritten card. Let the network know that you were pleased with the interview and thank them for taking the time to listen. Follow these steps and you are a shoo-in. Ninety percent of MTV’s staff was once interns, Rahman says. “My experience as an intern was the most exciting, because I was part of something that really meant something to me.” You too can contribute to the greatness. Good luck! ~Sable Fields The New School University ’09 Cinema and Media Studies

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samLanding the big name internship for you – New York Women in Communications, Inc.

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